Tawatinaw to Rochester

Town of Athabasca

The MRM Wildlife Habitat bridge over the Twatinaw River was put in place on February 14, 2017. It is being refurbished with a graveled staging area with parking and amenities as well as trail approaches. Funding for the bridge construction came from the Government of Alberta, Government of Canada and TCT. The Athabasca Rotary Club has stepped up to support work on the projects being done this summer (new trail and staging area) and the local Lions Club have agreed to build a picnic area. The entrance to the MRM staging area is along Range Road 232A in front of 48th Avenue.

The MRM land is currently owned by the Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation. Once complete, the new trail and bridge will provide access from this wildlife park to 13 km of ALT trail in Athabasca County. The trails here and in the Town of Athabasca will eventually be linked to the Peace River Trail to the west.